Meet our founder, Sandrine Lexi

Sandrine Lexi is a lawyer and a mother to three young children. Hearing  about heart-breaking stories of online grooming and bullying, she researched the multiple tricky situations kids can face online. She quickly realised that the problem was deep and here to stay. 

Her next thoughts were: if the problem is grim, the way to tackle it does not have to be. She came up with a solution to empower the kids and raise awareness in a positive, and even fun, way.

That’s how Team Together Online started!

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Our values

Unsure how and when to tackle THAT chat with your kids and teens? We're here for you!

Team Together Online creates games and accessories to help kids and teens have FUN and acquire online safety skills. Say goodbye to kids’ boredom and parental anxiety around this topic!

Fun + knowledge + connection + team spirit are the values at the core of everything we design.